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Pan in Finland

Some years ago, the pan did also reach in Finland, the northern part of Europe!

Ari Viitanen, a music teacher in a high school, visited Trinidad, together with Tommy, a tenor player in his band. They stayed for two weeks in October '93 and - as Ari told me - they enjoyed Trinidad & Tobago very much. There are two steelbands in Finland. One is mixing pan with other instruments (like Andy Narell does), and the other one is Ari's school band. Ari also tries to make pans. He visited Rudy 'Two Left' Smith in 1992, and he's learned a lot. But because he has not enough time and not enough practice, he is not (yet) able to make pans for schools.

As they told me, the Finnish schools are very interested to introduce pan to their music lessons, but there are no instruments for good prices around. Now, that the pan reach the northern region of Europe, we are pretty sure to hear more from them in the near future.

Werner Egger

Ari says:

Panyardin työloverit toirovat kaikille suomalaisille Pansoittajaille
Hyvää Uuotta Vuotta. "Eläköön Pan!"
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