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Hi panpeople around the world!

Where ever; on the Caribbean islands, in North America, in England, Europe, Australia, or...

In June '93, some young Swiss pan people had the idea to publish an authentic "Pan Newspaper" of high quality. At first, their goal has been to make the communication in the Swiss pan movement better than it is.

The "Panyard" was published twice under this idea. But then, there was another aspect we forgot...

During my visit to Port of Spain (Sept./Oct. '93), discussing with people in the pan scene (players, tuners, university, Bureau of Standards, the 'little man') I saw, that the Panyard should be international and should be published in more than one language.

With this point of view, the Panyard becomes now international and is not only for Switzerland and its nearest neighbours.

The Panyard is a news sheet for all the pan movements who are on the different continents.

Every reader has the right to bring ideas and to write articles for the Panyard.

The Panyard would like to reach as much pan players as possible as well pantuners, panmakers, panscientists, interested people. We would like to inform them on what's happening in the world of pan.

The first step, to realize this idea of a world wide pan newspaper, we already did with the third issue you are holding in your hands now.

We translated every more or less important article in English, or we put a little English summary under each article, so that the readers will understand the meaning of the articles.

We would appreciate if you send us any ideas how to do the Panyard better, or if you write us articles and/or letters on what's going on in the pan movements around the world.

Werner Egger

Panyard Information

Dates of publication:
July, September, December, March

Published in:
German, English, French

Financial questions:
The Panyard got money from the state of Berne, and from the government of cultural affairs of Switzerland in order to start the Panyard.

The newspaper also gets money from people who subscribed for one year.

It's now possible to make adverts in the Panyard.

From now on, the Panyard will be published in several languages. It's read from approx. 2,000 persons all over the world....

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