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Greetings from Steelpan Lovers in Finland

I spent one of the most interesting weeks of my life in Bern in February. Trying to learn to make and tune pans on my own has been driving me almost crazy. My visit to PANArt gave me a lot of knowledge and information. I have been using the hammers with better results after my visit. Thank you Felix and Co.

It was nice to meet Swiss pan people and share crazy (?) plans for summer. Every Steel Pan Lover is almost half way there. I left a part of my heart in Steelwyl.

Actually I would like to tell you more facts about Finland and our life here, and maybe I do it later, but you can ask about these things from Werner and Felix after their visit.

If you ever happen to be in Finland, be sure to visit Kaarja, a little town 80 kms from Helsinki to the west. Please, tell me the exact time when you come to see me, so I know when not to be at home (this is Finnish humour, which means welcome!) I will start my brief course of Finnish for Panists (the stress is always on the first syllable of the word, here bold for convenience)

Ari Viitanen and Steel Pan Lovers from Finland

Finnish for Panists

Pan = Pannu
Pan Stick = Pannukapula
Pan cake = Pannukakku
Lack of pan sticks = Pannukapulapula

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