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Open Letter

to Matthias Kauer, Zürich

Dear Matthias Kauer

As regular PAN-lime readers, we were happy as we got the June issue of the PAN-lime.

Going through this issue, we felt happy and proud to see a page about the Swiss pan movement. But while going through this article, we did not understand what's going on.

We then asked ourselves, if this is all information on steelbands in Switzerland. Realizing that this is the first article in this magazine, and that there will be others to follow, is why we feel that it could be embarassing for the Swiss players as you only write about what you seem to consider important.

What can the PAN-lime reader do with an incomplete calendar of events? The question is, who are you trying to fool? The foreign readers or the panists in Switzerland? Or even both?

In the past few years there has been much progress in the Swiss steelband movement. Therefore we think that it were your business to inform the pan players about all these things. Further, we think that you should separate pan business and pan culture in a nice way. It were possible to write articles where PR were not so glaring.

We take the pan players very serious, that's why we write this letter. In our next issue, we will give you a space for a reply. We are looking forward to your letter.

On behalf of the PANYARD editorial staff and the Swiss panists

Christof Sommer
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