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The Pan Meeting between Sweden and Finland,
19th - 22nd of May 1994

Steel Pan Lovers visited Sweden in February 1994, and now it was our turn to host the Swedes. This meeting between us could almost be called the first Nordic Steelband Festival, despite that this time only Sweden and Finland were represented. We are looking forward to have also Danish guests next year. It would be great if this festival would become a tradition.... like the Panorama in Trinidad.
By Salla Wirman, Enikö Balogh, Steel Pan Lovers, Finland

Our Swedish guests arrived in Karjaa (the hometown of Steel Pan Lovers) on Thursday morning, when they had their first concert in a local school. The afternoon we had a rehearsal together, were we practised our common pieces.

The programme for Friday included playing on two concerts in a city nearby. In the evening, we built a stage for the main concert, which was next day.

This Saturday concert was the main event of the meeting. There were eleven steelbands playing which is more than we have in the nordic countries alltogether. These bands were: Panditos and Flash in the Pan (Sweden), from Finland Steel Pan Lovers and eight school steelbands;
Calypso Slaves, Clockwork Orange, Outsiders, Oscar Candidates, The Best A-Group 007, Pan Fantasy and the Phantom of the Soap-Opera, all in all 130 players. In the end, Steel Pan Lovers and the Swedish band played two compositions by Eric Clapton together.

After the concert we relaxed and ejoyed Caribbean food and music. The roti was hot and the party good. n the last day we had a short sightseeing and after that, the players left Finland.

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